Wall Oven Installation


Installing a wall oven that fits seamlessly into your kitchen wall is a convenient solution for Singapore homeowners who are looking to save space in their kitchen.

Besides saving space and being a good addition to other kitchen appliances such as cooktops or kitchen range hoods, having a wall oven that is placed high on the wall also makes it easier to put in and remove heavy food items.

Deciding on the type of wall ovens to install is often one of the most important things to do and below are some of the more commonly found wall ovens in Singapore:

Types Of Wall Ovens

Electric Convection Wall Oven

One of the most popular types of oven, most electric oven is multifunctional with different cooking modes you can choose from. With the combination of top, bottom and grill options, you can optimize your different cooking, baking and grilling needs just from this one appliance.

Conventional Electric Wall Oven

With the ability to maintain heat, this conventional electrical oven is especially suitable for cooking that requires a constant temperature. This type of oven usually has electric touch pads for oven settings and cooking temperatures.

Gas Wall Oven

If you are into roasting or baking heavy cakes that require moisture, a gas oven will be the ideal addition to your kitchen as it doesn’t dry out food as much as an electric oven.

However, as it is usually hotter at the top and cooler at the bottom of a gas oven, it is recommended that you rotate the food once in a while for even cooking and browning. Also, a gas oven usually doesn’t distribute the heat as evenly as an electric oven unless a built-in fan is installed.

After identifying the type of wall oven that will best fulfils your needs, the next thing you will have to do is to decide whether to get a single or double oven.

  • Single Wall Oven: While single oven just have one oven to bake, grill and grill in, there is usually enough space to cook most things. It may be less convenient if you have a lot of cooking to do though.
  • Double Oven: Suitable for kitchen users who like to multitask and cook multiple dishes at the same time. You can bake and roast multiple items at different temperatures all at the same time.

Consult Our Kitchen Specialists

With so many different types and options available in the market, it is important for find a wall oven that not only fulfils your cooking needs, but also complements your kitchen renovation and design.

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