Small Kitchen Renovation

strategically placed shelves in small kitchen

Small kitchen renovation can be a major challenge for most people. For one, you’re playing with limited floor space. You lose some of your freedom to design and add anything you want into your kitchen.

Everything has to be carefully considered and mapped out in your kitchen renovation and your layout becomes critical.

But fret not… because limited space and manoeuvrability isn’t the end of the world for homeowners yet…

Planning Your Small Kitchen Remodeling

The first and most important thing to consider is functionality. Lay out the kitchen appliances you will need and use on a regular basis. These are the work spaces you have to set aside and build first.

Naturally, you also need to consider the size of each appliance before you buy any of them. If a fridge is the most important tool in your kitchen, you may want to choose a smaller sink or even remove the idea of having a wall oven if you can’t find the space.

A common option is to do a custom design kitchen and customise most or all your kitchen fittings instead of buying ready off-the-shelf models which you have to try squeeze into impossible areas.

And that’s where our kitchen contractors will sit down with you to plan out how to maximise any tiny kitchen layout and transform into a sizzling cooking workstation.

Design Ideas for a Complete Transformation

Given you don’t have much workspace to play around with. We’ll need to get creative and use the surroundings to create the perception of a larger room. Here’s where the choice of colours and mirrors presents depth to an otherwise cramp area. We want to turn it into a cozy environment that looks modern, fresh, and even presents the perception of being spacious.

One such way is to introduce recessed, under cabinets and shelves to help free up more room while still turning your kitchen into a gorgeous culinary hub.

Combined with lighting effects, our kitchen designers have successfully restyled tiny spaces. Whether it is studio apartments or renovating condo kitchens where creativity is a highly valued currency in interior designing. At the end of the day, we’re here to advise and guide you.

Why Consult A Kitchen Renovation Specialist?

Having experience renovating kitchens with small area per square foot, our team understands the best way to utilise your space. We’ll work with you to plan the best kitchen décor according to your budget and more importantly… the culinary dream you have and desire.

As a specialised kitchen renovation company, our team will source and find for you quality construction materials that fit within your renovation budget. Affordable yet stylish designs are always possible.