Custom Kitchen Sinks

Be spoilt for your choice of custom kitchen sinks from our wide range of selection, specially built to fit and match your ideal dream kitchen. We’re here to help pick the best options and materials that will fit and suit your preferred style. While offering our professional advice for prime position and attractive designs.

You may notice that traditionally, most sinks are always positioned near the window. For good reasons…

That’s where your drainage pipework usually is, and many traditional families love the idea of growing herbs on their windowsill. Making it easy to pluck and wash them on the spot. However, in space-constraint Singapore, this may not always be an option and you have to place them in the middle or at a corner of your kitchen.

Thankfully all isn’t lost, because with our customised kitchen designs, your sinks can still look appealing and naturally blend in with your overall theme.

Custom Sink Combinations

With a well-planned kitchen renovation in mind, our consultants are here to advice you on the perfect blend between function and beauty. While a Belfast sink are practical they may appear old-fashion with their white ceramic appearance. Conversely, the modern stainless steel sinks built for heavy duty are usually hidden from view.

But don’t just focus on your sink as it is a part of the overall bigger picture. Adding a custom built cabinet will give you more room and is a perfect kitchen storage solution when you’re searching for more room to hide things. Making it a functional investment that subtly contributes to your overall kitchen design and layout.

So whether you want to keep it simple with an under worktop bowl or have a sit-on unit, we have the solution to help you. We also provide kitchen sink installation services to make your renovation journey that much easier.

Here’s How to Get Started

Schedule an appointment with our kitchen designers to work out your kitchen ideas, theme and design. Our team will guide you through the process to make it an enjoyable process for you. Once everything has been discussed and penned down, you can sit back, relax and watch your dream kitchen unfold before your eyes.