Custom Kitchen Shelves

glasses and plates stacked on kitchen shelves

Give your kitchen a much more open and airy feel with custom kitchen shelves.

Sure, you could stack wall cupboards around your kitchen, but when it comes to modern design and style… having well-placed display shelving not only gives you ample more storage space… it adds a level of sophistication to your pantry area.

And if you want grab-and-go utensils conveniently at hand, an open shelving concept provides you with this option over the many other kitchen cabinet solutions.

That being said… there are many other shelving options you may want to include in your kitchen.

Custom Shelves Options Around the Kitchen

Whether you’re looking to add a custom-built pullout sliding shelves under your kitchen sink or a made-to-fit shelf for your cupboards, we have the shelving solution for you.

Our goal is to help home owners increase your efficiency around the kitchen by keeping your work space neat and organised. And you don’t have to sacrifice your body for that. The days of bending down, crouching, or stretching for hard to reach places are long gone. Rummaging through cupboard doors one after another in search of a seldom used dishware is also a thing of the past for modern kitchens today.

The key lies in proximity. Keeping everything near to you and strategically placing items closely related to each other. Pans near the cooker, cups near the kettle, and cutlery near the dining area.

And with more shelves around the kitchen, it helps make any small kitchen look larger and more spacious.

Engaging Our Shelving Experts

We’ll provide you with our recommendations and suggestions to make your kitchen a much more enjoyable and efficient place to work in.

When you request for an appointment, our consultants will ask you a few questions to help us better understand your requirements like the type of shelving options you’re considering, the measurement of your cabinet and any other questions you might have.

If necessary, we may need to schedule a site-visit to your home for special kitchen renovation requests. This is typically for remodeling cases where we need to access existing furniture and previous construction made.

To get started, drop us a call or fill in our enquiry form and we’ll assist you.