Kitchen Storage Solutions

woman checking fridge storage space

Within the golden triangle, one of the key renovation criteria you want to achieve are your kitchen storage solutions. Having a good work flow between your cabinets to your cooking area is essential to make every culinary process a smooth one. As you’re whipping up a meal, you want to have fast access to your pots, pans, cutlery, utensils, appliances and more. Everything has to be where it is, when you need them.

And this becomes even more important when you’re dealing with a small kitchen where space is a major concern.

When you can’t just buy an off-the-shelf cupboard and stack them around your kitchen, you need to sit down and start mapping out the area around your kitchen.

Every drawer must fulfill a key function so that there isn’t clutter, slowing you down while you’re cooking. Using shelves and open display solutions are great for creating an open concept kitchen provided you have ample space to make things neat and tidy. That’s where having a custom kitchen design will help to maximise your kitchen layout to make the most of your environment.

The Finer Details of Efficient Storage

When you’re cooking or plating a meal, you want to have everything easily accessible and ready at your fingertips.

That’s why when it comes to storage, don’t hold back. It will prove to be one of your best investments during your kitchen renovation. Especially the occasional nightmare rummaging through cupboards desperately searching for your “seasonal” plate. Consider using jars or canisters or keeping things neat and tidy. Boxes are great for smaller items like your cutlery. Hanging storage looks great for giving your vegetables plenty o fair circulation and are easy to sort and select.

And that’s the real secret to giving yourself more space… good organisation.

From hidden cabinet doors, to forgotten space behind the cupboard, or hanging bags on the wall… having a place thought out for everything that happens around your kitchen will maximise the area you have to work with. And you’ll suddenly find yourself with a whole lot more room to play with.

Need Help Planning Your Kitchen Storage Solutions?

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