Kitchen Range Hood Installation


While range hoods may seem like a kitchen appliance that doesn’t require much thought, the truth is that having proper kitchen ventilation is more essential than you may realize.

Every time we cook in our kitchen, pollutants are vaporized into the air and installing a good range hood above your cooktop is one of the best ways to prevent exhaust fumes, smoke and grease from escaping into other areas of your house.

Some of the factors you should consider before installing a range hood in your kitchen include the position, size, power and types of the range hood that will best suits the renovation and design of your kitchen.

Types Of Range Hoods:

Some of the more popular types of range hood that are commonly found in a Singaporean’s kitchen include:

Under-Cabinet Hoods

Under-cabinet hood is usually mounted under the bottom of a wall cabinet. In order to provide ventilation, the ductwork for the hood is placed inside an adjoining wall or ceiling to exhaust smoke and fumes to the outside. Though this type of range hood may steal a bit of the cabinet space, for most part this does end up saving a bit of wall space.

The design for this type of range hood is simple and versatile enough to go along with most of the kitchen styles.

Wall Mounted Hoods

A wall-mounted hood is another type of range hoods that can help preserve space in your kitchen. It is mounted onto the wall and the particles are exhausted to the outside via vent stacks.

As a wall mounted hood usually perform better than an under-cabinet hood and can serve as a design element in the kitchen with more attractive materials available, you will find it slightly more expansive than the under-cabinet option.

Island/Ceiling Mounted Hoods

Mounted to and vented through ductwork in the ceiling, island mounted hoods have no cabinets or wall to funnel the particles into the exhaust fan and hence requires a more power fan for optimal venting performance.

This type of hoods really stands out in kitchens, with most coming in metals and bold designs. As a result, these stylish range hoods are usually the priciest and will require professionals to install them.

Ductless Range Hoods

This type of installation doesn’t remove airborne particles from your home and while it does direct steam, heat and smoke away from the cooktop, it doesn’t eliminate them and instead channel them back to other parts of your kitchen.

Though the main hood filters can trap grease and oil droplets dispersed into the air above the range, we wont recommend this type of installation as it just don’t work as effectively when compared to other options.

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