Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

masterplan for a kitchen interior design

Downsizing is a phenomenon happening in Singapore as our land becomes scarce and families are getting smaller. But that doesn’t mean your kitchen interior design has to take a hit. If you enjoy cooking for the family, entertaining guests, or you just love food period, the kitchen is still an integral part of your home. And when it comes to planning your dream kitchen, here are some key ideas to help you get started before your next kitchen renovation.

Interior Design Tip: Consider Your Kitchen Space Carefully

Given that you’re working with a smaller square area today, you first need to consider how much space you have. A common mistake new homeowners commit in designing their kitchen is, they try to fit too much into their work space. Similar to cooking, less is often more here. A beautiful kitchen isn’t a place where you have all the latest kitchen equipment or the very latest oven or fridge. You’re not trying to recreate a commercial kitchen in your home here.

Instead you should be thinking about the kitchen work triangle. These are the 3 fundamental elements that make a kitchen truly functional. They should be close to each other and help in speeding up your cooking process. Before you get started, consider some of the following carefully:

  • What is your level of expertise in kitchen interior design
  • How much space does your kitchen have
  • What is the main purpose of your kitchen
  • What other resources or services will you require
  • How much budget are you allocating for your kitchen renovation

Redesigning a kitchen can be a major project for many families. This is why you shouldn’t rush this project especially if it is your first time.

Have You Thought About Your Kitchen Layout

An important consideration in your kitchen is the amount of traffic movement you have. A larger kitchen allows for more people to be working in it. However, given that more and more apartments today require small kitchen renovation, you may need to play around with a limited land space. Generally, there are 3 types of kitchen layouts (from small to large) with different variations we use in our planning that can be useful for you in your planning.

Galley Kitchen

parallel storage and workspaceIf you find yourself with a narrow passage way or perhaps a rectangular work space, this will suit your needs quite well. By keeping everything against 2 parallel counters, you can reach your work zones with minimal movement. This maximises space efficiency as you can keep your cabinets and cupboards on one side and your counters on the other.


l shaped modern kitchen designBy using 2 adjacent and perpendicular walls, this layout works great for kitchen of all sizes. You can choose to use it with an open-plan setting and combine your kitchen with your dining area or for the space-constraint homes, maximise the work space.


u shaped cherry designed kitchenFor larger homes, the U-shaped layout provides you with ample space to incorporate all 3 elements of a good kitchen. However, do take note that the wider space can sometimes become a detriment with poor planning as the opposing ends might be too far apart. Careful planning is critical here as you want to position your items properly or perhaps even include a kitchen island in the centre.

What Will Your Kitchen Be Used For

Now that you have a better idea of the type of layout you want for your kitchen, you should also consider what you’ll be using your kitchen for.

Some families enjoy the idea of cooking and preparing meals together. A larger walking space is necessary here to accommodate more persons in the kitchen at any given point in time. If you enjoy having family meals together or inviting guests over frequently, you may also want to extend your kitchen to join with your dining area. This gives you more kitchen storage space as you can hack down unnecessary walls and allow for an open concept.

Bringing Your Dream Kitchen To Live

The planning and development stage of any kitchen is critical right from the start. You have to consider your floor space, the lighting, wall space and even your windows and doors. And if you’re custom building a number of items, you cannot afford to make changes after they’ve been built. And as more HDBs and Condos today are smaller, careful measurement is important when choosing your kitchen appliances. The last thing you want to do is to buy a fridge, have it delivered, only to find out it doesn’t fit where you wanted it to.

But by considering and planning things out properly from the start, it’ll be easier to stick within your budget and still design a beautiful kitchen you’ll be proud to show your friends and family.

That’s where a professional kitchen specialist can help you avoid the headache and impart our expertise in guiding you to make the right choices. We’ll also be able to help you with the various different areas of putting your kitchen together due to our contacts, often at much favourable rates.

For expert advice, give us a call or fill in our contact form to speak with our friendly kitchen experts. There’s no obligation and you’re assured of the best professional service every time.