Kitchen Faucet Installation


If you are planning to install a new kitchen faucet, it could be either you are planning to renovate and improve the style of your kitchen, or the existing tap in your kitchen sink is malfunctioning.

Before we can proceed to help you install a new kitchen faucet, there are two things we will need to take note of. Firstly, we will need to find out more about your sink configuration. A faucet that matches the number of holes in your kitchen sink will generally be chosen and once we have identified the sink configuration, we will then get you to choose the faucet style of your preference.

Below are some of the more popular faucet styles that can be found in most Singaporean’s kitchen.

Popular Faucet Styles

  • Pull Down Kitchen Faucet
    Pull down kitchen faucet has high-arching, maneuverable spray wand that can be pulled down straight into the kitchen sink to provide extended reach. It can be pulled down easily and you can water anywhere you need, making it especially useful for cleaning and washing.
  • Pull Out Kitchen Faucet
    Pull out kitchen faucet has spray wand that pulls out straight to you. The streamlined, curved sprayer not only help save space in your kitchen, it can offer greater reach as well. This type of faucet is especially useful in filling large pots and vessels.
  • Single Handle Kitchen Faucet
    One of the most basis type of kitchen faucets, they are made with single-lever control that allows user to control the flow and temperature of water.

Kitchen Faucet Installation And Mechanism

There are generally two types of faucet installations (top mount and bottom mount) and four types of faucet mechanisms (ball valve, ceramic disc, compression valve and cartridge).

While the different types of installation and mechanism may not have a big impact on your day-to-day use, it should still be taken into consideration as it can affect future repairs and maintenance.

However, you don’t have to worry about all these technical issues as our experienced team members will provide you with all the necessary advice and all you have to do is to simply fill up the form on the right to schedule an appointment with our consultant.