Kitchen Cabinet Installation


Planning a kitchen cabinet installation in Singapore? One of the most important things you have to do is to consider the type of kitchen cabinet you would like to install. Especially as the floor area and space are getting more and more limited in HDB kitchens and storage space becomes an issue.

That’s why many Singaporeans prefer to seek help from professional kitchen renovation contractors while planning their kitchen. While off-the-shelf cabinets may serve general purposes in most homes, you may require custom design cabinets to maximise your storage space.And with a well thought out and designed cabinet, it can help enhance the style and aesthetic of your kitchen many times as well.

Types Of Kitchen Cabinets

Here are some of the most common types of kitchen cabinet:

  • Base cabinets (also called the lower cabinets)
    Strong and sturdy, it is usually used to create a kitchen island or as a base for heavy countertops.
  • Wall cabinets (also called the upper cabinets)
    These are cabinets that are hung on the wall and can add both style and functionality to your kitchen
  • Tall cabinets (also called the pantry cabinets)
    Tall cabinets are usually 2.15 meters to 2.40 meters in height and usually used as pantry space

Consult Our Kitchen Cabinet Installation Specialist

While there are DIY options such as buying ready-to-assemble or semi-custom kitchen cabinets/cupboards that you can install it yourself, it is advisable for you to seek professional help for the best result because when it comes to small kitchens, you have to be sure your cabinets fit tight spaces.

Furthermore, kitchen cabinets can be of different designs or material and they can be positioned and installed differently depending on the design of your kitchen.

To get started on your kitchen cabinet installation, fill up the form on the right and our specialists will advice you on factors you should consider (such as convenience, attractiveness, safety, durability, cost) before deciding on the type of furniture you should choose as your kitchen cabinet.