HDB Kitchen Renovation

cabinets and cupboards for apartment kitchen

Before you begin your HDB kitchen renovation with any contractor, always make sure they are a HDB-licensed company. This means they’ve undergone the necessary training and understand the building structure of HDB flats.

After all, as a home owner, your goal is to build and design the kitchen you want and dream of.

Our goal as a renovation specialist, is to make this process as smooth sailing as possible for you so you don’t have to worry about sourcing for materials and construction. This is why to give you the best experience, our contractors are licensed under HDB’s Registered Renovation Contractor’s Scheme.

While planning how to visualise the building of your kitchen is important, we also need to consider any physical limitations. Especially in the cases of small kitchen renovation where space is a major constraint and limitation to designing a beautiful culinary work space. And as newer HDB BTO flats are downsized, having efficient layouts is increasingly becoming more important for new home owners.

So regardless if you love to invite and entertain guests, or cooking and food is simply a big part of your life… you want an optimised environment for your culinary adventures.

How Our HDB Kitchen Renovation Process Works

As with most of our Singapore kitchen renovation projects, we’ll begin with a design consultation where we’ll view your kitchen layout and do some space planning. This process may include a site visit where we’ll take down critical measurements.

This step is important for us to prepare perspective drawings and design proposals.

After you’ve reviewed the design, we can begin the construction phase proper. This includes things like demolition works (if any), masonry work, plumbing works, and any other miscellaneous building work for your kitchen.

Once that step is done, we’ll move onto any kitchen installation works.

You have the assurance that when you choose to work with our experienced kitchen specialist, you’ll be guided and updated at every step of the way.

Building your culinary hub should be an enjoyable experience. And we’re here to deliver that.

Why Choose our HDB Contractors

Holding the right license is only a first step. Our team of kitchen specialist isn’t just here to put together any ordinary kitchen. We’re here to help you redesign a kitchen that represents you. Through the design, the décor, the layout and more. But even more important… we’re here to build a kitchen that helps you and increases your efficiency when you cook. When you talk to kitchen designers, they’ll uncover more about the way you work around the kitchen to maximise the layout and overall functionality. You’ll love cooking for the family even more.