Kitchen Flooring Installation

tools after a kitchen flooring installation

Planning a kitchen flooring installation? Within your home, your kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house. Day in and out, this is a room that will see lots of human traffic and is at highest risk of spills, splash, and kitchen appliances dropping. This is why when it comes to your kitchen flooring, you want strong and durable materials that can withstand repeated abuse.

The materials you choose has to also match and complement the rest of your kitchen renovation. You wouldn’t want floors that don’t match your countertop or cabinets. At the same time, your selected material might also affect the order of your installation especially with wooden floors which are more prone to expansion and contraction from temperature changes.

Not sure which material is best suited for your kitchen? Schedule a session with our kitchen designer who will walk you through the best options for your home.

Recommended Kitchen Flooring Materials

Before choosing your type of flooring, consider whether you’ll be using your kitchen very heavily, or if slippery floors are a concern. Most importantly, it should fit your budget and family lifestyle.

Below are some recommended materials:

Ceramic Flooring

Get the appearance of natural stone for your kitchen with ceramic flooring.

Laminate / Wooden Flooring

For the look and feel of real wood, laminate is a great choice as it can be made to create any wood visual to match your kitchen cabinets.

Rubber Flooring

Easy to clean with a wide choice of colours to choose from and especially good with small children as they are slip resistant.

Tiles Flooring

A preferred choice in many kitchens as they’re easy to clean and resistant to stains and many other things.

Vinyl Flooring

Another popular choice as vinyl is also very durable and easy to maintain.

Consult our Kitchen Installation Specialist

Get started on your kitchen flooring installation by scheduling a session with one of our consultants who will help you identify the best flooring material for your kitchen.