Kitchen Countertop


A well-chosen kitchen countertop helps bring out the theme and elegance in your kitchen.

When choosing the right materials for your various counters, it is important to be honest with your lifestyle as there are many different options available and not all of them will correctly reflect your family’s style. For instance, marble always look great in many design magazine and kitchen websites but it may not be the right choice for you.

Here are some key considerations to take note of when designing your countertop:

  • How easy is it to clean the material?
  • Do you need something scratch resistant?
  • Does the material require regular maintenance?
  • Is heat or stain resistance important to you?

To help you complete your kitchen renovation in a fashionable manner, we’ve listed some of our clients’ more preferred counter materials.

Different Kitchen Countertop Styles to Choose from

butcher block textureButcher Block Counter

This material looks great for your kitchen islands and anywhere you’ll use for prepping food. It gives off a more rustic patina and over time, it will get beaten up. But this is what gives it a unique character and it shows a seasoned cook and kitchen from an under-utilised one.

Concrete textureConcrete Counter

This is a very durable and modern looking material. Depending on your preference, the thickness can be varied and we can stain it to a colour of your liking.

Marble stone textureMarble Counter

Warning, this material stains and scratches easily but it is a beautiful piece that really elevates your kitchen to a professional level. Cleaning and maintaining it is important to retain its natural beauty.

granite textureGranite Counter

A durable material available in a variety of colours.

quartz textureQuartz Counter

This is a man-made material great for kids as it is highly stain-resistant and some even gives off a natural stone effect.

bigstock-finnish-grey-soapstone-backgro-25950512Soapstone Counter

Another material that is tough with stains. But its natural and simple appearance makes it really pretty for minimalistic homes.

Consult a Kitchen Specialist

So which surface type is good for you? Our kitchen designers will sit down with you to plan out the right measurements, factoring in the amount of space in your kitchen and choosing the design that suits your family. We’ll also advice and provide you with our kitchen countertop installation services.

To get started, reach out to us on our enquiry form.