Cooktop Installation


One of the biggest decisions you have to make before having a cooktop installation is to determine the type of cooking stove most suitable for your kitchen design and needs.

There are many different types of kitchen cooktops available in the market but the 3 most popular ones are:

  • Electric radiant smoothtop
  • Electric induction cooktop
  • Gas cooktop

Different Types Of Kitchen Cooktops

Electric radiant cooktop

Most electric radiant cooktop have at least one high power burner and expandable elements that allow you to switch from a high power element to a lower power element within it. However, the presence of residue heat means that it may take a few minutes to reduce the heat completely.

Electric radiant cooktop make is easy to clean up spills, but they are vulnerable to damage from dropped pots and sugary liquids.

Electric induction cooktop

Induction cooktops heat up much faster than traditional gas cooktops and are very responsive. There is no tangible heat on the surface and is hence a safer option for families with young children.

If you would like to install an induction cooktop, it’s important to get magnetic cookware as its function is based on magnetic field (similar to how a microwave functions).

Gas cooktop

Gas cooktops require a gas hookup and is suitable for Singapore families looking for instant heat control. It provides visible feedback and makes it easier to adjust the temperature.

However, the cast iron trivets can be bulky and can be difficult to clean.

Consult Our Cooktop Installation Specialist

Very often, choosing the perfect cooktop is about more than just the looks and function, the way they fit into the space is key too. This is especially true for the stove area, since it is the focal point of most kitchens here in Singapore.

Therefore, you should always took into consideration of the design and layout of your kitchen before making the final decision on the type of cooktop you want to install to ensure that it complements with the rest of your kitchen renovation.

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