Commercial Kitchen Renovation

pots and pans in a commercial kitchen

When you’re in the food and beverage (F&B) industry, your commercial kitchen renovation is a critical and vital step for your business success.

It isn’t just another kitchen renovation where you’re thinking about the colours or design of your walls, or the placement of your shelves… no, a well-prepped industrial kitchen has to accomplish a few critical business goals. Regardless if you’re running a restaurant, a bakery, a hotel or a central kitchen.

Here, a well optimised kitchen layout is essential. Where you put your stoves, your fridge, your sinks and more. The more efficient a kitchen you have, the better for your business. There must be a perfect synergy flowing between the head chef and the kitchen staff, right down to the waiters taking and passing orders.

Below are some considerations for you to take note of before planning your commercial kitchen.

Critical Steps to Planning Your Commercial Kitchen Renovation

The Receiving Area

Depending on the type of business you’re running, you need to consider what sort of food items will be delivered on a regular basis. Your receiving area has to be able to accommodate these deliveries. You don’t want your vegetables or your meat to rot and spoil while waiting to be sent into the freezer. Keeping the kitchen efficient starts from this commonly overlooked area.

The Cold Storage Area

Refrigeration systems and freezers are versatile pieces of kitchen equipment. Depending on your kitchen needs, we’ll help you source for the system that fits your requirements without bursting your renovation budget. And we’ll also advise you on the types of refrigeration you’ll need.

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The Dry Storage Area

Keep your dry storage area organised by introducing different utility shelves. You’ll be able to properly store boxes of ingredients while keeping the workplace neat and tidy.

The Preparation Area

The prep area is one of the most important areas in any commercial kitchen as it determines the overall flow. You can’t start cooking if your ingredients aren’t properly prepped and ready for dinner service.

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Cooking and Production

This is where the bulk of your production and service time will be spent on. You want top of the line kitchen appliances that can withstand heavy duty during the critical hours. The last thing any business wants is their machines breaking down. Space consideration is again important here as everything has to fit perfectly to maximise your kitchen’s efficiency.

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The Cleaning Area

It’s not just about cooking but also about cleaning up. Washing up and sanitizing your kitchen is another aspect of maintaining the hygiene levels of your kitchen. Separating your cleaning chemicals and your cleaning supplies (brooms, mops) from your production and preparation area is a must.

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How We Can Help You with Your Renovation

One of the most important things to consider is ensuring your commercial kitchen meets the health code requirements. Given our expertise and connections as a kitchen renovation company, we’re able to advise you on the best kitchen equipment you’ll need. Our architects will also work out your floor space to factor in construction requirements. This will prevent costly changes or remodeling in the future.

For more information about our renovation and installation services, fill in our enquiry form or contact us to schedule an appointment. We’ll discuss your preliminary kitchen needs.