Choosing The Most Appropriate Color For Your Kitchen

A simple color change can help update the look of your kitchen in many ways. As one of the emotional elements of a room, the use of right color has the ability to comfort, energize and excite.

The right shade of grey can change the feeling of a kitchen from being boring to sophisticated while choosing the right scheme of red can turn the feeling your kitchen gives off from being overwhelming to classy and elegant.

While it might be tempting to paint your kitchen using your favorite color, from a practical/commercial point of view, it is best not to do so.

Here’s why:

While pink may seems to you as the most appropriate color for your kitchen, this view may not be shared by other people and this could become an issue when you are trying to rent/sell your property some day in the future.

That’s why unless you are sure that you will not be renting/selling your property any time soon, it will be more advisable for you to choose safer colors that are more generally acceptable.

Commonly Used Color In Kitchen

Here are some of the most commonly used color that you can consider using for your kitchen:

  • White: one of the safest and most commonly used color in most households, especially for kitchen
  • Grey: enhances the bright colors around it
  • Light colors: make the area feel more spacious

If you are more adventurous and are sick and tired of the normal, mundane, dull colors, consider playing around with contrasting colors.

Here are some examples of contrasting ideas you can draw inspirations from:

  • Warm and cool
  • Light and dark
  • Bright and dull
  • Smooth and textured

Choosing The Right Kitchen Color

However, before committing to a color, make sure that the color will be a good complement to your kitchen style and design. Just like how choosing the right color can help elevate your kitchen, having the wrong color can ruin your kitchen as well.

Hence, it will be advisable to do some research and find out more about the things you will have to take note of in choosing the right kitchen color before making any decision.

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