Building a Family-Oriented Kitchen: Which Of These 5 Countertop Materials Work Best For You?

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Kitchen materials may be a very personal choice, but chosen wrongly, they can make or break a home.

The materials you choose for your kitchen countertop clearly help determine the look and feel of your kitchen, and they also play a very practical and important role. Different families will have different countertop needs, and it is critical you recognize your own needs beforehand so that you can make a well- informed decision.

A family that bakes regularly should consider a cold, hard surface while a family that doesn’t cook as often could afford to look at harder-to-maintain but aesthetically more pleasing surfaces. A family with children, on the other hand, should consider kid-friendly countertops that stand up to the wear and tear young children are notorious for dishing out.

While it may seem a little tricky trying to get the perfect countertops for your kitchen (with so many things to take into consideration) it is for this reason that we have shortlisted the top 5 countertop materials that work best for most families here in Singapore for your easy reference.

5 Countertop Materials Singapore Families to Seriously Consider

1. Marble

There’s really nothing quite like the classic marble.

It has an unrivalled, classic look that always seems to always be in style. For lovers of white kitchen especially, marble provides more variety than any other materials. It’s perpetually cool and perfect when you are rolling out dough, and it’s not afraid of heat, either.

However, one down side of marble is that is has been found to scratch and stain easily, so it might not be the suitable for families with young children. But if you are looking for an elegant and substantial countertop that can add weight and history to your home… look no further, as marble has got to be your first choice on the list.

2. Stainless Steel

Modern and ideal.

Perfect for those who want their personal space to evoke the feeling of a sleek restaurant kitchen. The stainless steel works wonders for families as it is stain-proof, temperature-proof, seamless and practically indestructible.

It is also very easy to clean. The downside is that it does make unwanted fingerprints and overtime scratches stand out… but it is still a great choice for hardworking kitchens that doesn’t need to have the soft and warm look.

3. Concrete

Concrete looks unusual and bold. You will love it with kids in the house because it’s definitely sturdy and can handle a whole series of beating (just be sure that your cabinets can handle the weight).

Not only that, concrete countertops are extremely hard, tough and durable. It can stand up well to the wear & tear of a busy kitchen or active family and the fact that it is very heat resistant makes it a popular choice that can be found in many Singapore kitchens.


Tile is like a chameleon. Not matter what style or how you would the design of your kitchen countertop to be… there is a title style that will just fit your needs. Not only that, tile is stain-, knife- and heat-resistance, all good things for the family kitchen.

Other advantages of getting tile countertops include getting top-notch durability at bargain prices and tile is one of the few countertop materials that offer DIY potential.

5.Butcher Block

Butcher block looks great for your countertop and anywhere you will use for preparing food. It looks handsome, ages well, and is strong and durable. One advantage of a butcher block is that it adds warmth and is easy to install and repair.

Nicks and scratches can easily happen, and knives will leave their marks… but they can be sanded out easily so it shouldn’t be too much of a concern.

Planning To Install A New Kitchen Countertop?

We hope you now have a better idea of the best types of countertop materials you should choose from to improve your kitchen and make it more personal for your family.

Sure, there are other things to consider before you proceed with your countertop installation. And if you need more information on countertop materials or kitchen renovation in general, simply drop us a note using the contact us box at the side and our helpful team will get back to you as soon as possible to solve your queries and advice you better.

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